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    The slightly different app
    to help you relax and sleep
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Relax and sleep
with art

Featuring music and artwork from the artist Suug


23 different moods
Electro acoustic, white noise, waves, rhythmic and more
Each mood features an audio loop and illustrations by Suug
Available off-line (all audio files included)
Can be used on airplanes
Enjoy contemporary art 24/7
Timer to stop music


Cancel noise
Aid relaxation
White noise
Deep sleep
Increase concentration
Provoke new thoughts
Enjoy art - on the go
and more...


Available for iPhone and iPad
Android version coming soon
Free version with 7 moods
Pro version with 23 moods

RelaxArt Free App - Available on the App Store

RelaxArt Pro App - Available on the App Store



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RelaxArt App - Available on the App Store



Get your mind
onto other things

Cancels noise. Helps you calm down, relax and clear your mind.

  • RelaxArt App auf dem iPad

    Enjoy art

    Contemporary art 24/7,
    wherever your are

  • RelaxArt App auf dem iPhone

    Cancel noise

    To relax, calm down or
    increase concentration

  • RelaxArt App auf dem iPhone


    No internet access necessary
    Can be used on airplanes




Testimonial "I live in the city where it can get pretty noisy sometimes. The RelaxArt app with its extraordinary tunes, entertaining track titles and beautiful designs has repeatedly helped me to clear my mind and sleep well. I love the artwork and music. Thanks Suug!"
Bernie W., Hamburg, Germany
Testimonial "I work nights as a nurse and I also have two children, so I almost never have time to go to the museum or enjoy a concert. This great app means I can now have a little dose of contemporary art right on my iPhone."
Ami L., Hong-Kong, China
Testimonial "I have downloaded and tested all the relaxation iPhone apps. Most of them are too esoteric, and just play sounds from nature or simple synthetic white noise. They are quite boring. The RelaxArt app is different. It's something for the mind."
Julio M., Chicago, USA



About the artist

Suug is a singer, composer, and visual and video artist.
She composed the music and created all the artwork used in the first RelaxArt app release.
We’re certain you will enjoy using this app!

"I love to inspire people and get their minds on to other thoughts in everyday life."

  • RelaxArt App by Suug



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